Frequently Asked Questions - Tax Time Financial Checklist

<p>Find accessible and affordable bank accounts, a free student debt platform and connections to financial counseling</p>

Tax time is important. Many people get their single largest payment of the year through their tax refund. Maximize the financial impact of this tax season by taking time to complete your Tax Time Financial Checklist by accessing these important financial products and services.

 Have an affordable bank account
 Get your tax refund by direct deposit
 Open a free Savi account to save money on your student loans
 Contact 211 to find locally available resources, including free financial coaching

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Open a safe and affordable bank account to receive your tax refund by direct deposit, which is free and faster than a check. If you don’t already have a bank account, we recommend opening an account that is certified to meet the Bank On National Account Standards. These accounts take the stress out of banking by charging only $5 or less per month with no overdraft or insufficient fund fees, and include convenient features like Bill Pay or free checks you can use to help pay rent and other bills without using expensive money orders. These accounts are also great options for anyone with a limited or challenging banking history.

You can review the full list of nationally available Bank On certified accounts you can open online here.

Here are two options we think most MyFreeTaxes users will be interested in:

Unsure how to open a bank account? Check out United Way’s My Smart Money guide to getting a bank account for easy to follow instructions.

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Nearly 45 million Americans have student debt. These debts burden household budgets, keep borrowers from achieving their financial goals, and can even lead to wrecked credit scores and garnished tax refunds. The good news is help is available.

United Way has partnered with Savi, an online student loan management platform, to help MyFreeTaxes users freely and easily access student loan relief. With a Savi account, you can receive individualized student debt recommendations, easily enroll in government repayment and forgiveness programs, and resolve student debt default challenges. The average Savi user reduces their loan payment by $156 per month and saves an average of $28,000 over the life of their loans.

Go to and create your account today!

As an added bonus, MyFreeTaxes users who create their Savi account during tax season (January 1 - April 30) and earn less than $80,000 a year will receive free access to personalized support from Savi’s student loan experts included for one year.

Did you know? Income Driven Repayment plans can cap payments at 10-20% of your monthly income, and can decrease your payments to $0.

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Millions of Americans contact 211 every year to find help with food, housing, healthcare, financial coaching, and more. If you need support beyond the resources listed on this page, call 211 or visit to find the resources and services that are available to you.

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