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If you didn’t file last year’s return and are owed a refund there are no penalties. If you owe taxes, you might owe the IRS a “failure to file” and “failure to pay on time” penalty in addition to last year’s taxes. You only have three years from the initial return due date to file and claim a refund you are owed.

The MyFreeTaxes self-preparation software (accessible by selecting the “File My Own Taxes” option on our homepage) only includes current year returns.

The MyFreeTaxes option to have your return prepared for you (accessible by selecting the “Have My Taxes Prepared For Me” option on our homepage) connects users who need more support filing their return to partner nonprofits that are part of the IRS’ Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. These programs can prepare returns for each of the last three years if you meet their eligibility criteria.

You can also access prior year forms and instructions from the IRS.